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Ravine is the cooperative card game you've been waiting for

Ever screamed at the TV during an episode of Lost or Survivor, thinking you could do better? Now’s your chance. From the makers of the Spaceteam card game comes Ravine, a cooperative game about survival. You and your party of three to six players (the expansion supports up to nine) spend a week or two stranded on an island after an unfortunate plane crash en route from Denver to Beijing. You’ll spend the days foraging for food and supplies, hunkering down at night, when cougar attacks, heavy ra

Review: Amazon's 'The Grand Tour' Is a Return to Form for 'Top Gear' Trio

After nearly two decades reviewing, destroying, racing, and—with varying degrees of success—creating motor vehicles, the former Top Gear trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May have become what they most despised: caravanners. Longtime viewers of the BBC motoring show will appreciate the irony here: They’ve crashed into RVs in a chase scene, set a campground on fire, and mercilessly swung one at another in a rousing game of Caravan Conkers. But in their reincarnation as Amazon’s

Make the turkey sandwich from 'Friends' on your new favorite cooking show

But what viewers have really latched onto is our host’s exceptionally dry sense of humor: His ingredients list for the Moist-Maker Thanksgiving Sandwich calls for “a package of 90-calorie I’m just fucking with you” before walking viewers through butterflying a turkey; he jokingly suggests the kitchen “hack” of shaking garlic in a bowl to peel it before revealing that that shit never works and bringing in the real tools (scotch, and a pair of hands).

The Complete History of Social Media

It’s 10pm. Do you know where your friends are? Actually, probably so. Thanks to dozens of social networking apps in the palms of our hands every waking hour, the world is more connected than ever. Nearly three quarters of online adults in America use social media; that number leaps to almost 90 percent for the 18-29 age bracket. But how did we get from a generation who lived without television to one glued to Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Tumblr, and Snapchat? The history of social media is a

13 questions you should actually ask on the first date

Can you fall in love with a complete stranger in 90 minutes flat? We've spent billions of dollars and countless painful hours on Tinder trying to unlock the secret to a successful romance. So for the Love Actualized app to say it's just 36 short questions and a four-minute staring contest away is, to put it bluntly and to paraphrase my boyfriend's description of literally every one of his exes, fucking crazy.

The 21 best 'Gilmore Girls' guest stars you totally forgot about

Ever since all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls hit Netflix this fall , we've been watching and rewatching and falling in love all over again with one of the Internet's absolute favorite mother-daughter duos But there's more to life in Stars Hollow than the titular Girls, of course. Arguably, the show wouldn't be the cult hit it is today without the impossibly strong recurring castmates like Melissa McCarthy …

This is the primer you need on the Central Park jogger case

After two and a half decades, one of America's most notorious criminal cases is closing. The case of the Central Park jogger, which saw five men wrongfully incarcerated and subsequently exonerated for Trisha Meili's rape and beating, will be settled in New York for a reported $40 million sum. It's a fittingly sensational end to a sensational story of innocence, corruption, and class divides. But those new to the case—either too young or too far away to have been paying attention…

Wes Anderson Just Out-Wes Anderson'd Himself

That's right, the director is every bit as charming as his writing would suggest (and it doesn't hurt that his camel suit and striped tie seemed plucked straight from the closet of a Tenenbaum). And so we all settled in for the 99-minute funicular ride that is The Grand Budapest Hotel. I say settled, but of course that belies the tremendous and exuberant audience response that rang out for every celebrity entrance, every just-within-frame physical comedy gag, every fantastic moustache (seriously, at least four should've gotten their own billing).

25 questions you may or may not be wondering before the 'Breaking Bad' finale

The series finale of Breaking Bad airs Sunday night, and I'll be sitting there at the edge of my seat along with millions of other watchers … maybe not quite as it airs, but at 4am or whenever Amazon decides to deliver the next episode to my inbox. I've been with those millions almost all along – I started in at some point in season two, I think, and, like so many others, devoured everything that had aired to date in way less time than I'd…